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Happy Halloween!!

Well that's it for October. :( Boy it went fast and furious. November Here We Come!

Bring in the Blue! Nov. 3rd.

Let me tell you something. I appreciate all the horror fans and readers and very thankful for anybody who reads one of my stories or someone who submits to the Zone.

We will continue to bring you HORROR! I have a new series I am working on that is going blow yo MIND! And a bunch of more collaborations with other creative writers.

Check Out Our Website Nov.3rd for Funnyz and Fantasy. 13 Zones and much more.

Alright now let me tell you how this journey of mine began. I started this underground in 2017 after being solo for 2014. RyFy Zone was basically just me. In 2017 I kind of had this idea in the back of my head to create a community. I wanted to create a community of Fantasy Writers and Gamers. This all turned when I touched roots with my other self. I say that because it's like a different person all together. I am being dead serious. He's my demon. Anyway I had th…
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Friday the 13th!! 13 True Stories!

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1. Taylor Swift - Oh Baby Oh ?

Taylor Swift was born on 13 December 1989 (albeit a Wednesday), but turned 13 on Friday the 13th.  Her first album went gold in 13 weeks, and her first #1 song had a 13 second intro.

And in an interview with our pals at MTV, every time Taylor’s won an award she has been sitting in either the 13th row, 13th seat, 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter.

Basically, we’d be really unlucky if the asteroid did any damage. Unlucky. Friday the 13th.

2. Rip 2 Pac 

My favorite rapper died on March 13th. Friday the 13th! Unlucky right? Right after a Tyson fight Pac was shot and still remains unsolved to this day. Many people think he's still alive that's just a reminder that legends live forever.

3. Friday Night FRIGHT! 

There have been a number of bizarre weather occurrences to fall on Friday the 13th throughout the years. Friday 13, January 1939, saw one of the worst brushfires in Australian history as over 4 …

The Real Horror THE REAL TRUTH!

Every Post Created In This Blog Is From Credit Sources. The Information Gathered Is To Raise Awareness Of The Paranormal/Murder/Mystery Events That Took Place In Indiana. Indiana Known As The Home Of The Portal From Hell. Enjoy These Stories and Other True Stories Around The US As It Is One Of Spookiest Areas On Earth!! 

French Lick Springs Hotel Haunted!

I got the pleasure to spend a couple of nights various times in this resort! It's very beautiful and I loved the Arcade and Bowling room. Also had a Spa and Swimming Pool. :)

Travel and Leisure magazine says the French Lick Springs Hotel is the most haunted place in Indiana.

The hotel was built in 1845 and owned by Thomas Taggart.

According to legend, he was so devoted to the hotel not even death could stop him from watching over its operations.

Some say they have spotted his apparition roaming near the service elevator, and guests report phantom tobacco smells.

Staff members also report receiving mysterious calls from empty hotel rooms.

They even say they’ve heard the voices of guests from parties Taggart used to host.

This historic resort hotel complex is said to be haunted by former owner Thomas Taggart, who lingers around the service elevator as mists and phantom tobacco smells. 

He is said to expertly operate the elevator from beyond when the place gets busy. He also is said to appea…

James Day The Child Killer

Many of you probably don't know this story...James Alan Day was an American electrician who killed his six children in Evansville, Indiana, United States on October 18, 1984, before committing suicide. 

As we approach October 18th we bring you this REAL HORROR story of James Day. Mr. Child Killer The Coward.
A man with a history of violence shot and killed his six children in their beds and then killed himself, the police said today.
The man, James A. Day, 36 years old, was found dead in a living room chair with a .45-caliber automatic pistol in his hand, the police said.
The children, 6 to 15, were found dead in their beds. They had each been shot once in the head. They were identified as Laura, 6; Christopher, 7; Stephen 8; John, 9; Bart, 14, and Michael, 15.
The shootings apparently took place sometime after Mr. Day's wife, Candace, went to work about 2:30 A.M. Mrs. Day, 36, a postal employee, arrived home from work bout 10 A.M. and discovered the bodies. A neighbor said she ran…


How many of you heard this story? Killing six? From Sarah White’s appeal:   Neighbors alerted the fire department on December 31, 1975, that a home located at 24 Sayre Drive, Greenwood, Indiana, was in flames. The defendant was seen coming from the rear of the home; she was hysterical, screaming, and was restrained from reentering the burning home. The residence was the dwelling house of Charles and Carol Roberson and their four minor children, Michael, Dale, Gary and Rita. All six of the Robersons perished in the fire. The coroner testified that each of them died from carbon monoxide and smoke inhalation. The defendant had been living with the Roberson family.

After an extensive investigation into the cause of the fire, it was determined that the fire had been deliberately set. Burn patterns found in the home showed that an accelerant such as gasoline had been used. The accelerant caused the rapid burning of the home as well as the intense heat generated. Experts testified that the oc…

The Burger Chef Murders

I am not going lie, I shed tears on this one........This story is beyond sad in my opinion. I worked fast food early in my life like most teenagers do as they contribute to society. Anytime! Any moment my life could have been taken. 

Man...So shook sorry. Man. This picture gets me the most.

Here's the story- At some point between 11 p.m. which was closing time for these four and midnight on November 17, 1978, four employees—Jayne Friedt, 20; Daniel Davis, 16; Mark Flemmonds, 16; and Ruth Ellen Shelton, 18—who worked at the Burger Chef restaurant in Speedway, Indiana, located at 5725 Crawfordsville Rd., disappeared. A fellow employee who came by at midnight to visit the four noticed that the restaurant was empty and the back door ajar and raised the alarm.

Originally, police did not consider this a serious case, given management reported the loss of only approximately $500 from the safe and no clear signs of a struggle. It was thought to be a case of petty embezzlement, with the assum…